Display #
Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Alexia Cook Paraprofessional
Amy Hickok Special Education
Anne Garrett Gear up Coordinator
Ashley Gilley Elementary Para
Carol MacSpadden Instrumental & Vocal Music / Title 1/LAP /Math
Cori Kane 5th and 6th Grade
Dave Knapton Bus Driver
Dawn Friel Bus Driver
Dorris Cronrath Art/PE/Health
Holly Finkbeiner 1st and 2nd Grade
Holly Riehle Paraprofessional
Jackie Floetke Keyboarding/Business Education/CTE Director
Jessie True Office Assistant / Librian
Judy Schafer Paraprofessional
Kathleen Ottis English / Reading
Kathy Thomas Head Cook
Kellie Ribail Business Manager
Ken Christian Bus Driver
Kirk Freeman Athletic Director
Laura Christian Superintendent
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